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Lifecycle Solutions

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The foundation of the drawing process is paper, toner and ink products. CityBlue offers every major line of OEM products along with CityBlue branded paper products. Clients have the option of ordering either live with an account executive or via a fully functional web presence. Supplemental products such as manual drafting supplies are also available providing the client an opportunity to have a single point of purchase for their entire commodity needs.


CityBlue offers the industry leading Oce product line as our primary equipment offering. CityBlue also offers HP, Canon,and KIP as supporting products should another line better fit a client’s needs. We lease and sell equipment from printers to copiers and scanners among others. CityBlue has an industry leading refurbished program allowing customers to gain access to a more capable piece of equipment at a lower capital entry point. In addition, CityBlue offers a ‘Pay as You Print’ program for those clients who do not want to purchase equipment.

Service and Support

CityBlue offers telephone support and service contracts for maintenance and material for equipment supplied by it.

Digital Printing

CityBlue provides architectural, engineering and construction firms with high quality digital blueprints used for design, bidding and construction of commercial and residential construction. As part of providing this service, CityBlue also offers Bid Document Management services that facilitate the management of the bid process for the owner or lead architect of a construction project.

Digital Services

CityBlue can electronically store, manage and allow web viewing, printing and retrieval of any drawing or specification for any project. In addition, the bid process can be managed electronically, from pre qualification through monitoring, allowing even greater visibility to any project anywhere and anytime.

Color Printing

CityBlue provides color options for architectural renderings. In addition, it also provides high end color solutions for its clients marketing requirements by providing posters, banners, trade show graphics, theater promotions and other color printing applications to education institutions, medical facilities and advertising agencies.

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